On a National Waste Plan?

Reduce Waste Removal Costs by Replacing your National Account Program with a Cass-Managed Program

Companies enter national account programs with waste haulers to leverage their buying power for maximum savings. The truth, however, is that national programs for waste removal management are rarely as cost-advantageous as they appear.

Here’s why: 

  • There is not a single waste hauler that serves every U.S. market. To cover your business’s unique footprint, therefore, your national service provider almost certainly relies on subcontractors. This adds significant cost. 
  • These inflated costs are made opaque to the client by shifting them from high-cost to lower-cost markets in proposals and contracts. During your sourcing event, if you compared your national program proposal with regional proposals with multiple vendors, this price-smoothing practice made your side-by-side comparisons inaccurate.

While waste hauler national programs provide the benefit of a central point of contact, there is an inherent de-motivation to truly help you optimize expense savings. Cass, however, provides the best of both worlds: single source of contact and best-of-market rates.

Our powerful national waste management program has a bias only toward achieving best price and service value at every client location. Unlike national programs with a profit objective, we are cleanly aligned with your objective to achieve optimal efficiencies and expense savings.

Think of us as a full-time 'department' inside your company specifically tasked with handling everything related to waste.

Our lifecycle approach for waste removal management and recycling includes: 

Using our intelligence on market rates across the country, we can identify the regions in which you are paying too much. Then, we go to work to achieve the cost advantage in each market (without degrading service levels). This may mean that we renegotiate your national contract and award your business to the most appropriate hauler in each market.

Achieve Sustainable Savings and Cost Controls

The more you spend on waste and recycling services, the more you can save. We proactively work to reduce and control our clients’ costs through three main activities: 

  1. Negotiate low service rates and complete fee structures – which require geo-specific cost-of-service and qualified vendor knowledge. While waste hauler national programs provide a central point of contact, there is an inherent demotivation to truly optimize expense savings. 
  2. Optimize waste service levels – which means maintaining accurate data on the waste volume generated at each of your locations 
  3. Recover over-charges through precise, systematic invoice auditing - which isn’t possible unless you can define and manage charges at the line-item level (that usually aren’t printed on the invoices) as well as carefully document all changes in service requests

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