Telecom Contract Management

Our holistic approach to telecom lifecycle management includes the support of many of your telecom contract management needs, including: 

  • Sourcing 
  • Negotiation 
  • Document management 
  • Enforcement 
  • Renewal/replacement

Controls for Contract Enforcement

By employing controls to continuously audit invoices at the line-item level, we ensure that what you negotiated is what you pay. Because telecom invoices are notorious for their high error rate, enterprises without complete audit controls are overpaying for their telecom services.

Keeping track of actual usage against committed usage is also made easy through the data available in our business intelligence platform. Track your commitments in the contract management module to keep an eye on them.

A prerequisite to line-item auditing for wireline services is the receipt of invoices via a standard format known as EDI ANSI 811, through which the charge-level rather than feature-level detail is acquired.

Contract Document Management

Our unique technology platform provides telecom contract management functionality to help you easily keep track of your telecom contracts. Store your contracts and related documents in one central repository, along with information such as start and end dates, commitment levels, rate structure, key clauses, and more. We will also help you manage your contract cycle by providing automatic notification of expiration or renewal dates.

Contract Consulting Services

We also help you through the entire sourcing process – providing usage and needs analysis, RFP development and management, vendor selection, and contract negotiation.

Business Intelligence Supports Sourcing Events

Of course, not all clients enlist Cass to serve their telecom sourcing needs. We do make sure, however, that we provide the data they need to perform these tasks. The extraordinary amount of information provided by our business intelligence platform allows procurement professionals to be armed with accurate and thorough historical data when preparing for telecom sourcing events and contract negotiations.

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