Mobile Device & Service Provisioning

Centralized & automated provisioning is one of the first steps in best-practice mobility management. 

Device Provisioning Web Portal

Cass provides clients with a customized, online catalog, creating an efficient, automated self-service process. Business rules based on employee role, department, or other available data determine device and plan eligibility. The portal offers users only corporate-sanctioned devices and plans. Additionally, each type of procurement request can be routed for approval based on who is making the request, what type of request it is and the financial impacts of the request. For example, end user roles can be defined based on input from the HRIS (hourly employee, supervisor, manager, director, executive) and/or the business unit to which the employee belongs.

Device Provisioning Rules are Driven by HRIS Data

Our mobility lifecycle management (MLM) platform integrates with client HRIS systems. This enables regular roster updates. By continually updating employee data, we can:

  • Offer automated service & device provisioning options based on employee role 
  • Gain acceptance of corporate mobility policy 
  • Route authorization requests with email or in-house procurement system integration 
  • Customize your catalog based on employee roles 
  • Request type customization based on employee roles 
  • Automate deactivation identification through HR roster change analysis 
  • Automate cost allocation based on employee department assignment 
  • Automate employee registration prompting for asset identification and tracking

Procurement for all types of wireless services and equipment, including phones, pagers, remote access services, air cards, data cards, and accessories is supported.

Provisioning activity is integrated with all other aspects of our platform. This means that when a device is activated, inventory is automatically updated. Pursuant invoices are then validated appropriately, the correct G/L code is assigned right the first time, and reporting is accurate.

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