Cut Your Costs with Telecom Strategic Sourcing Services

Telecom Sourcing Services - Leverage Benchmark Data

Cass provides strategic telecom sourcing services for organizations that want to outsource the entire function or selectively offload certain telecom sourcing activities. The biggest advantage to using Cass is our ability to leverage our knowledge of market rates and today’s best contract terms.

Leverage Cass Market Intelligence in Your Next Negotiation

What percentage of your IT budget is allocated to telecom costs? At typical organizations, costs for voice, data and mobile services can reach or even exceed 35% of your total IT budget. Telecom costs and contract complexity are high. That’s why most organizations will devote specialized resources to telecom sourcing.

To achieve the best possible results in your telecom negotiations, you must understand the pricing, SLAs and contract terms that comparable companies have secured. By aligning with Cass, you can leverage such market intelligence. We continually capture and analyze global telecommunications agreements for voice, data and bundled services. With an extensive knowledge base of the contract terms secured by others, our consultants apply this intelligence to your sourcing event. We can match your services (local or global) with current market benchmarks to help develop negotiating strategy and secure favorable terms.

Using Cass Telecom Sourcing Services, you can

  • Compare your rates and SLAs with similar-size organizations 
  • Evaluate and compare pricing from tier 1, tier 2 and specialty carriers 
  • Set specific goals for pricing, service levels and terms 
  • Get professional assistance in developing your telecom RFPs 
  • Outsource your entire sourcing process to Cass

Cass Telecom Sourcing Results

  • Significant savings 
  • Best-of-market pricing 
  • Optimal SLAs and terms & conditions 
  • Services to support business continuity

Whether you want to completely offload telecom sourcing to Cass, or simply assign Cass to your next contract negotiation, we are here to help. Contact Cass today. We help organizations obtain excellent and protective terms from both a pricing and technology standpoint.

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