Telecom Dispute Management Services

Cass Provides Full-Service Telecom Dispute Resolution Management

As part of our telecom audit process, Cass manages and tracks the resolution of all telecom disputes in process with your telecom providers.

When an error has been identified, your Cass telecom analyst immediately reviews the issue and, where appropriate, generates a dispute entry, which sends a notification to your carrier. The Cass telecom expense management (TEM) team will track all disputes and follow up with the carriers until billing issues are resolved.

Actual dispute resolution timeframes vary depending on carrier, the complexity of the claim, and the amount being disputed. Our team maintains excellent relationships with all carriers and knows what information is required in order to resolve a dispute. Our goal is to maximize recoveries and receive refunds as quickly as possible by teaming with your telecom vendors rather than acting as adversaries.

Three Keys to Telecom Dispute Resolution Management

When it comes to comparing Cass with other TEM providers, it’s important to understand three key differentiators in outsourced dispute management. These are:

Transparency – When you select Cass’ full BPO service, trained telecom billing specialists track down overcharges on your behalf. The Cass TEM application allows you to easily track all disputes being pursued by Cass on your behalf. Such visibility makes it very easy for Cass clients to shed carrier management tasks while maintaining complete managerial control.

Full-Service Delivery – Cass is a business process outsourcer with competencies in providing full back-office processing services. Many TEM providers originated as telecom expense management software companies and have developed nascent support organizations to add services such as dispute management. Others don’t provide dispute management services at all. Instead, they offer only SaaS-enabled self management, which means that the client organization uses the TEM software to perform its own dispute management tasks. When interviewing TEM providers, ask about the size of the staff supporting your account and the people who will manage disputes on your behalf.

Accountability – An important feature of the Cass TEM application is its workflow for managing disputes and its sophisticated functionality to track one-time credits and refunds separately from ongoing cost reductions. Such distinction delivers enhanced analysis capabilities, reporting flexibility and the ability to understand your total savings.

More Telecom Expense Management Information

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